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Customer of the Week: Diane Nees

Customer of the Week: Diane Nees

Congratulations to our latest customer of the week, Diane Nees, for her wonderful holiday photo book ‘Hamilton Island’. Hamilton Island is in Queensland, Australia, approximately just 887 kilometres north of Brisbane and 512 kilometres south of Cairns, and from Diane’s photo book it looks absolutely beautiful!

Diane has designed her photo book by using beautiful scenery photos as backgrounds images, and then layering photos over the top to create gorgeous, interesting two page spreads.

Each page was a delight to open – I didn’t know what was coming next! Two pages dedicated solely to beautiful orange sunsets on the Island, another two page spread showing the bright blue clear waters, and even a row of cockatoos sitting on the balcony rail!

Thank you for letting us share your photo book Diane, we hope you enjoy your extra copy!

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