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Customer of the Week: Lynette Eaton

Customer of the Week: Lynette Eaton

Congratulations to our latest customer of the week, Lynette Eaton, for her wonderful Canvas!

I was walking through production recently when I noticed a canvas that brought a huge smile to my face! The canvas was of Lynette’s kids on a climbing wall, with one pretending to eat the other!

The photo was taken when the family were in Rotorua, where Lynette’s husband was doing an off-road triathlon. They had family activities set up at the event and the kids thought it would be funny to try and get a photo where it looked like they were eating each other – so Lynette was recruited as chief photographer!

These days so many people have their photos sitting on their camera or computer, never to be looked at.
At My-books we love seeing people put their photos into something physical where they can continue to be seen and remembered, so it’s lovely to see a funny family memory kept alive by creating a canvas to hang on the wall.

Thank you for letting us share your canvas Lynette!
Create a canvas print for your own special memory