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Customer of the Week: Toya Heatley

Customer of the Week: Toya Heatley

Congratulations to our latest customer of the week, Toya Heatley, for her photo book “Birds of New Zealand”. I’m a sucker for a simplistic design and beautiful photographs, so I couldn’t look past Toya’s stunning photo book!

Toya’s photo book showcases some of the beautiful photos she has taken of New Zealand birds. She lets her photos speak for themselves by keeping the design simple with a black background, white text and white photo borders. It was really tough deciding what photos to share. As I turned through the pages, every single photo popped out of the page and had me wishing I could photograph the whole book!

On one two page spread, we can see the differences between a Red-crowned Kakariki and a Yellow-crowned Kakariki (or parakeet). It can’t have been easy to get these photos; the Yellow-crowned Kakariki population has shrunk in recent years, and the Red-crowned Kakariki is extinct on the mainland of New Zealand, with them only being found in captivity and on smaller islands such as Stewart Island, Kapiti Island and Somes Island.

On another two page spread, Toya has done an incredible job of capturing a Sacred Kingfisher after catching a crab in its mouth. I can only imagine the patience needed to get such fantastic shots! One photo shows the Sacred Kingfisher’s majestic turquoise plumage, and the other captures the kingfisher’s white body as it spreads its wings ready for lift-off.

Toya created this photo book for her grandson in Australia to show him a touch of his New Zealand heritage. I think he will be feeling very proud! If you’d like to see more of Toya’s beautiful photography, check out her website: and shore plover