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Customer Reviews

  • Linda Armstrong says:

    22nd July 2014 at 12:34am

    My first book was with a different company and I was very unhappy with their service. And then I found My-books. It was so exciting making books with them. They gave me excellent service and if I could give them 6/5 I would. I made 3 books altogether with My-books. Each one improves as I get more adept at following instructions. I am so happy with them - they are all recipes books - that I have been showing them off as proudly as if I had a new baby. The choice of pages in My-books is phenomenal. And you don't have to stick with one theme. I used fairy pages for my chapter pages and colours that suited the photo for each recipe. My final book has about 4-5 different themes within the pages.

    Ratings: 100%

  • Donald Mackay says:

    3rd June 2014 at 3:27am

    Currently I have several thousand family negatives, photos and slides to wade through, dating back from around the 1880 period, with the end object to create family ancestral and current books for family members.
    I have found the wide range of photo, background and script options in the My-books computer software, along with the quality of the final book production to have been ideal for this. In fact when I opened my first completed book it was a whole lot better than I had anticipated, the quality of paper and printing within the books made my produced books look so absolutely professional that I will be using My-books for my photo book presentations for a long time yet. The software definitely deserves a five star rating once I learnt how to utilise all the book assembly presentation options of the My-books software.

    Ratings: 100%

  • Fran Forrest says:

    13th May 2014 at 3:25am

    Highly recommended!!! Fantastic, caring people at this company, who go the extra mile to make our special memories into a masterpiece. A few more tutorials on how to use the software would be great!
    Thank you again!

    Ratings: 100%

    My-Books Says:

    October Tuesday 2014 at 2:13am

    Hi Clare, thanks so much for your feedback, we will take that on board. We are so pleased you have turned your special memories into Photo books, they are sure to be treasured for a long time :)
    Kind regards, Meagan.
  • Rud Ward says:

    12th February 2014 at 2:29am

    As someone who has made at least four high-quality photo books with this company, I can highly recommend the friendly and efficient service, and the readiness to put any problems right. The quality and user-friendliness of the powerful editing software has steadily improved over the years. Having also made my earliest book via a large and famous US company, I can confidently state that the My-Books service and quality are every bit as good.

    Ratings: 86.67%

  • Deirdre Auger says:

    5th February 2014 at 2:06am

    I have made several books now and every time I am awed by the results. The quality is excellent and

    the range of products is fabulous. Once you get the hang of the programme it is easy to use. I have

    made photo books for personal use and for my workplace. Sitting on the coffee table in the reception

    area, visitors often comment on not only the photos but the classiness of the book. Whenever I have

    had queries, the staff have been so helpful. I highly recommend My Books.

    Ratings: 93.33%

  • Allanah Croft says:

    14th November 2013 at 12:08am

    Your Photo books are amazing, so clear. The photos really stand out on the page. It’s easy to make the books. Everyone that has seen the books are really impressed with them. Everything about My-books is amazing, so many different options to do awesome stuff with your photos.

    Ratings: 100%

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If you receive an item that has a manufacturing defect or has been damaged during its journey from us to you, we will reprint it for free.

We will usually ask for photos of the defect for quality control purposes (we don’t like to make the same mistakes twice!). We ask for reprint requests within 14 days of the shipping date. If you think your order has a manufacturing defect, contact us including your photos and we will be in touch.

A handy hint: Colours in your product may differ slightly from what you saw on your computer screen, because all screens are different. Therefore, slight colour variations do not warrant a refund or reprint.

Once you submit your order, it begins printing almost immediately, so we cannot cancel it. Pretty please, make sure you triple check there are no misspellings, typos, grammatical mistakes or incorrect sizing and you are happy with your layout decisions and the quality of your original photos in your project… we can’t be responsible for any of these slip-ups. We recommend reading through our tips for perfect projects.

We can also not be held accountable for damage caused by destructive treatment (such as dropping your book in the bath tub) or normal wear and tear.

Don’t forget to save a copy of your project in case you want to reorder!

We are real people that care about your projects as much as you do, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.