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New Feature: Image Export

New Feature: Image Export

With the new Image Export feature, you can easily save images from your projects to use anywhere. This in-app upgrade ($5.99) lets you export each page or photo in your project as a standard JPEG image file. To use the export feature, click the Preview or Save button on the Edit screen.

When you purchase the upgrade, the features will be added to your account and ready for immediate use.


  • Import the image into another app, such as Word or Powerpoint.
  • Use the creative tools in this program for everyday photo editing
  • Attach the image in an email
  • Post the image directly to blogs and social media sites
  • Take the exported image to a local printing service

The Image Export feature is an addition to the standard Save and Share features. With the Share feature, you create a link to an online copy of your project. People with the link can view and edit the copy. With Image Export, you save a single, finished image of your project instead.

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Print Anywhere
Let’s say you’ve created a business flyer and want to print hundreds right away. Export your project as a high quality JPEG file, take the file to your local printing service, and have them print for you.

  • Print large quantities
  • Print sizes larger than your home printer offers
  • Send to a service that prints and folds brochures

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Use with Other Apps
Create original images with the unique tools and templates in this program, then import them into word processors, presentation programs, and other software.

  • Pump up your reports and presentations
  • Make layered images for websites and blogs
  • Add effects in image-editing programs

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Send in Email
Our simple presets take the guesswork out of sharing photos. Just pick a size, export your image, and attach it to a message in your favourite email program.

  • Email Small is 640 pixels wide, convenient for sending to mobile phones.
  • Email Large is 800 pixels wide, ideal for sending to newer phones and computers
  • Easily set additional sizes with the Size slider if desired

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Edit Photos Fast
Use the familiar editing tools in this program to crop, resize, and style photos quickly. Simply add a photo to your layout, apply the effect you want, and click Export.

  • Quickly crop and resize photos
  • Adjust brightness and contrast
  • Add tints
  • Add airbrush effects like sepiatone and rubthrough

To export a single photo instead of the entire layout, select the photo and then click the Preview button on the photo’s toolbar.

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Post to Social Media
Create custom graphics and styled photos for blogs, websites, your online store, or any service that supports JPEGs.

  • Quickly crop and resize photos
  • Embed text in an image
  • Combine multiple photos into one

Start with a collage print or flat card if you want to add text, graphics, borders, or multiple photos.

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A Guide to Export Settings
Here are some tips on using the Size and Quality controls to get the ideal output file.

Preset Menu:

  • Full Size: This sets your output file to the maximum size (100%).
  • Email Small: This sets your output file to dimensions and a quality level optimized for quick emails (640 pixels wide, 80% JPEG quality).
  • Email Large: This sets your output file to dimensions and a quality level ideal for detailed email, websites, and social media (800 pixels wide, 80% JPEG quality).
  • Highest Quality: This sets your output file to the maximum dimensions and quality level. Ideal for submitting to printing services.

JPEG Quality Slider
The JPEG compression process creates smaller files by reducing the image quality. A setting of 80 is a good compromise: The quality looks very close to the original, yet the file transfers faster over the internet and takes much less space on your computer.

Size Slider
This setting controls the size of the exported image in pixels (dots). Dimensions are shown below the slider. Typically a width of 800 pixels is ideal for posting to social media. For printing, choose the maximum size (100 on the slider).

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