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Quick Tip: Add Cards to your Photo book

Quick Tip: Add Cards to your Photo book

Greeting cards hold such special memories! They are a snapshot of a moment in time, and are usually given to mark a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas.

As much as you might love the cards you receive, as we know, they can’t be kept out on display forever.
It can be hard to know what to do with old cards. Some people throw them out, some keep them all safe in boxes and some (like myself) know they are around here somewhere, scattered among various draws and boxes.

You can easily upload photos of cards to your project, just the same as you do when uploading regular photos.

You can do this in two easy ways:

1. Scan the outside and inside of the card. You might also like to scan the envelope if you still have it.

2. Take a photo of the card. Digital cameras and even mobile phone cameras take such good quality photos these days that this can be just as good as scanning (same goes for old photos!)

Make a collage of cards on a page or two page spread:

2 page spread

Make cards stand out by placing just one or two cards on each page:

photo book cards

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