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Tips for Perfect Projects…

Once you submit your order, it begins printing almost immediately, so we cannot cancel it. Nor can we fix typos or other errors for you. We recommend reading through these 5 Tips for Perfect Projects before you submit your order.

Stay Safe

Pay close attention to the Photo Safe Area at the edge of the layout.

Items that sit on or cross into that area may be cut off during printing.

It’s best to keep well within this area.


Double-Check Your Text

If you’re unsure about spelling, type your text into a word processor (ie word) and spell-check it there.

Then paste it into the the My-books software.


Make a Big Resolution

Make sure your images are big enough to print clearly.

If an image is too small, the program displays a Low Resolution Warning, along with directions for fixing the problem image.


Look on the Bright Side

Consider brightening dark photos in your layouts.

The Brightness tool is in the Touch-Up tab.

Many computer screens are either

  • unnaturally bright, causing photos to print darker than you’d expect or
  • unnaturally dark, causing photos to print lighter than you’d expect.


Full Screen is Your Friend

Proof read every page of your project in Full Screen mode before ordering. (Click the “Full” button below the main image.)